Forms app, risk, or opportunity for your organization?

The use of apps in society is a well-known phenomenon.
However, employees within organizations also regularly use “free” Apps.

Sometimes even without the knowledge of management and/or the ICT department. However, does this also mean that organizations and companies can use the technology of apps without risk?

Because there are big differences between private and business use of an app.
It is therefore a good idea for an organization to think about this and implement a transparent policy.

On the basis of an app form, we will therefore explain three aspects: the need for an app, the choice of technology, and, of course, privacy and security.

Why a form app?

The need for a forms app within an organization often flows for the easy collection of data within business processes.

Logistical and financial processes are often secured in an ERP system which gives little or no support to the actual work processes within an organization.

  1. Employees, therefore, look for a solution with Excel statements but also increasingly in available “free” Apps.
  2. Apart from the fact that company information is roaming around on different digital storage media, it is not connected to the available ICT systems and underlying data.
  3. Data collected with these apps can therefore take on a life of its own.
  4. Moreover, most digital form apps are limited in functionality and reporting capabilities.
  5. A simple form for a survey or inspection with a collective overview of completed forms is usually fine.
  6. But what if you want to make information work for you in a business process and apply authorizations?
  7. Then you no longer get away with a simple App but have to look for a more intelligent alternative.

Privacy and security

It goes without saying that data from organizations and businesses must be handled with care.

Therefore, it is important for every organization to know which systems (and apps) are used to channel and properly manage the information.
If you don’t know where the data is stored you can’t rely on it either!
And this actually means that most of the apps available for free are taboo for commercial use unless you want to deliberately take the risk!

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