How many questionnaires answered in which language?

In the case of multilingual surveys, you can see in the tool in the evaluation menu with the result filters how many questionnaires are available in each language: you can filter according to the language of the participants. In addition, the set language filter can also be applied during the raw data export, so only a specific language’s data records are downloaded.

To filter the participant language, navigate in the evaluation menu “Evaluation” to “Results” and there to “More filters”.

In the filter menu, please use the drop-down fields to set the following:

Answerer with language = [German, English, etc. ]

Click on the green button “Filter results”. The number of data records with the set language is displayed directly above the filter menu.

You can then apply this set language filter when exporting raw data by keeping the default setting “Use current filter?” at “Yes” when exporting the raw data – button “Export raw data (individual results)”

You can also combine the language filter with certain questions or filter out how many participants of a certain language completed the questionnaire.

The result filter function provides a comprehensive, powerful tool for evaluating the survey.