How to increase the response rate to your surveys and market research

Often it is not very exciting to be asked to take part in a market survey or answer a questionnaire from, for example, a company you have done business with in the past.

You may feel that you don’t have time at the time, that your to-do list is too long, or your inbox is too big. Therefore, it is particularly important to review how you word the invitation and form so that it is optimized for the highest possible response rate.

Here are a few tips to make it easier for your recipients to respond to surveys created through HeyForm.

Make your survey as short as possible

Think about what questions you need to ask and only include the questions you really need to get answers to. 5 to 10 questions is optimal as it will be easy for the respondent to see immediately how extensive the form is. A good tip is therefore to choose a specific topic for the survey and stick to it in the questions.

Inform respondents directly about the number of questions

This also allows the respondent to see how long it will take to complete the survey. The more questions you add to the form, the more the response rate decreases. Informing the respondent of the number of questions directly reduces the risk that the respondent will start the survey but finish before all questions are answered.

Keep the questions simple and straightforward

Try to stick to questions with clear answer options. Questions with open-ended answers, such as free text, force the respondent to formulate longer answers that make the survey take longer to complete, which in turn makes it less likely that they will complete the entire survey.

Enlist the help of a colleague to complete the survey and then provide feedback on time and commitment.

Refer to previous surveys in the invitation and introduction

Inform the respondent of actions taken as a result of previous surveys completed. The respondent will be more engaged if they see that you are taking their responses seriously.

If respondents do not feel that their answers are leading to something, they are less likely to participate in future surveys.

Make the survey your own

If you spend time formulating a good introduction and good, effective questions, it’s a good idea to also spend time designing the form to match your profile.

Add your logo, and update fonts and colors so that the respondent clearly recognizes the sender of the survey.

This creates trust which also increases the propensity to share answers and participate in the survey. In HeyForm, you have full control over the design, confirmation, and response messages.

Say thank you!

The respondent has done you a great favor by taking part in the survey.

Now you can probably give them, and new customers, better service or experience. A well-worded and thoughtful thank you page is great and makes the respondent feel more appreciated.

In turn, this greatly increases the likelihood that the respondent will answer future surveys. HeyForm gives you the option of formulating your own response pages or sending the respondent to a thank-you page on your own website.