Tips for Retargeting

Make sure that users do not feel persecuted. Don’t bombard them with retargeting ads either, because they are particularly sensitive to this form of advertising.

Other variants of retargeting

Other variants of retargeting have little in common with the described display ad retargeting. Only a brief mention should be made here:

  • Search Retargeting
  • Newsletter retargeting
  • Video retargeting (YouTube)
  • Social media retargeting (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn)

Retargeting in B2B

Unlike in conventional e-commerce, the buyer journey in the B2B environment is usually much more complex. Consequently, simple leading into a store is not an option. In B2B marketing, however, retargeting can be used excellently to promote content assets or lead magnets. The problem, however, is that cookies have a very limited lifespan. This increases the risk that users will be presented with something they have already seen.

Is retargeting still worthwhile?

Various browser providers have already announced that they are turning away from third-party cookies. Consequently, this form of advertising does not have much of a future. Except, of course, within the usual networks like Facebook and Co. Here, nothing changes as a result of the change in the law. Nor in e-mail marketing, where automatic follow-ups have long been standard.


Retargeting in the B2B environment is still worthwhile in any case. As long as the technology is possible, you as an advertiser should take your chance, actively use retargeting, and generate as many leads as possible. You can help yourself from the pool when the topic is through one day.