What is a customer journey map?

A customer journey map outlines the path that the customer takes to make a purchase. Important components are the touchpoints, i.e., the intended points of contact. In addition, the departments concerned are often listed.

What does a customer journey map include?

An essential part of a customer journey map is all touchpoints from the first contact to the purchase. Each touchpoint is supplemented with the important questions and feelings to which the target customer is exposed at the time.

The start and endpoints can be defined more broadly. For example, in the case of expensive and complex products, it is not unusual for the target customer to find out about solutions to his problem long before the first contact.

One Customer Journey Map per Buyer Persona?

A separate customer journey map is created for each target customer or buyer persona. Even if the touchpoints are identical. This is important because different customer types often ask completely different questions.

How is a customer journey map created?

You obtain information about the customer journey from your own observations and interviews with customers and people who have been in contact with the customer so far.