Your website needs these 5 elements for lead generation

The Lead Magnet

Personal contact information has a lot of value. Ask yourself: How willingly and voluntarily do you give your personal information to previously unfamiliar companies? Probably rather unwillingly. Consequently, there needs to be an incentive, i.e. added value, for website visitors to give you their contact data. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be a fair deal. Fortunately, there are many different ways to make the “exchange” attractive for your leads. So how about, for example:

  • a free whitepaper
  • an e-book
  • a checklist
  • a case study
  • a webinar
  • a coupon or discount code
  • or other free but specific content?

The Call to Action

No lead management process without a Call to Action! The Call to Action is a clear call to action for your prospects. After all, before the first contact has even taken place, they are new and need orientation. A precisely worded Call to Action does just that and calls for specific action without beating around the bush. For example, in the form of “Sign up for the newsletter now!”. It is important that this call-to-action is visually highlighted and quickly catches the eye. After all, it is the linchpin in terms of lead generation.


Of course, all this works only with the appropriate form. The form is where prospects finally enter their data and submit it to you via a button. The rule here is: always ask for as little information as possible, especially at the beginning. In this case, and not least because of the DSGVO, only the email address may be marked as a mandatory field. Other information, such as the name or position in the company, can also be requested in form fields but must be marked as optional information. However, we strongly advise you at this point not to ask previously unknown website visitors for more data than necessary, as each additional data entry represents an additional inhibition threshold.

Landing pages

Your website provides an overview of your business, maybe even includes a store, but in any case, various subpages with navigation. That’s great and good. However, your website thus offers a lot of control elements, visual impressions, and information that can sometimes be distracting when you are actually pursuing a specific goal. Landing pages are therefore just the right tool to draw your prospects’ attention to a specific offer.

The thank-you page

“What do you say when you get an ice cream from your uncle?” This phrase will be well known to all parents, otherwise, it may still elicit the same eye roll as it did as a child when mom tried to teach us the word “thank you.” But why should things be any different online than they are at the ice cream stand? So be sure to remember to thank your newly acquired leads for sharing their information. Therefore, be sure to implement a thank you page to which leads are directed after entering their data. Professional email marketing software offers you the possibility to integrate such a page even in the double opt-in process.